Highlights of the Show

Screen Capture Challenge

Screen Capture Challenge is a contest we host every week on the Oh! Pawpets! show. Viewers are encouraged to take screen captures during our broadcasts, and we'll help along with giving them a still shot to work with when something funny happens on the show, and Sound Raccoon will at one point freeze the action on the screen, followed by his words: "Screen capture THIS!" The viewer then copies and pastes the image into an imaging software program and manipulates it any way they see fit. Just as long as you keep it clean! Then send it back to the show via FTP or email (details in our Contacts page.) We will post all our entries at the end of the show for our viewers to vote on the funniest screen capture. The winning entry will then be placed on our Photos page for the entire week before it's replaced by the next winning entry. This gives our viewers a chance to submit content to the show and be recognized for their efforts, and is also a good way for the viewers to interact with the show.

Viewer Choice Videos and Pics

Midway through the show, we'll turn to you the viewer for you to entertain us by submitting links, videos, or images on things that either you have worked on or things you find amusing and you wish to show the world. All we ask is that any content or links you send us be clean, not obscene! We would like to keep in a general audience area, and that does include content being sent to us by viewers. If you have worked on the content yourself, you will get top priority in the show and will be displayed first before the zany randomness hits. Just let us know in advance whether it's something you've worked on or something you've found amusing.

Cooking with SonicBlu

This segment will give you a chance to take note of some tantelizing recipies that you can easily duplicate in your home. If you say you can't cook a meal to save your life, consider your life to be saved. SonicBlu will break from the show to give the viewers some extra recipe ideas. Each recipe that is prepared are listed in the Archives page for downloading. If you're worried about health, SonicBlu is an expert in the field, and his motto always hangs: "If you're not cooking good, you're not eating good. SonicBlu will ensure you can make some lowfat meals that will still taste as if it's sinful...although at times he will feature some recipes that are as sinful as they taste. You just have to ask yourself if you feel lucky...well, do ya punk? Then put down your guns and pick up some spatulas. It's time to get cookin' with SonicBlu!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Fox, the dwarf fox from merry ol' England will be here from time to time to offer you the latest and greatest in consumer products. Ever since Consumer Fox was a kit, he was always fascinated by the world of advertising, snappy product jingles, and of course, learning at an early age how to shop smart. Consumer prides himself in offering the best reports for the best products and does not endorse anyone to go generic brands...though in an economy in this day and age, it's understandable to go as cheap as you can get...we just won't tell Consumer Fox what we've purchased at the shops.

Sajin's Vlog

Sajin Candour and Rune the Wolf may no longer assist us with the Oh! Pawpets! Live shows, but they are still out there...in some far-off void through space and the nether regions, where they make video vlogs of their experiences of life post-Pawpet Productions. In Sajin's Vlog, we will be able to tap into their neck of the woods with updates, and will also include their own sections entitlted: "Sajin's Flame or Shame" where Sajin gets to test the hottest foods on the market to determine whether the product is graded for potency and spice, and whether it deserves to go onto the "wall of flame" or the "wall of shame". Rune the Wolf will also join in with his own section called "A Thing With Rune", in which Rune will show the viewers some random findings that deserve a little exposure in the world of video vlogging. This series of videos are sent into the show and are included among the lineup of Oh! Pawpets! Productions features that will continue to help make the show what it is today.

A Little Birdy Told Me: The Oh! Pawpets! News is our own news bulletin program arranged by all our fine feathered friendly bird characters. Founded by Mocking Byrd, A Little Birdy Told Me started out with small news updates, which blossomed into a full blown news program. This news program would later induct the personality and talent (or shall we say "talon") of Crackle Raven, and both of our resident aviants work feverishly to dig up the latest dirt and info that happen in and around Pawpet Land, which include news of the bizarre and outlandishly humorous, with a lot of local Pawpet Land news and updates as well. Although we include actual bizarre news---and some bulletins will contain truth, some of our other news bulletins will include fictitious bulletins as well, and this section is made purely out of good fun and the intentions of 100% entertainment only. A lot of our news bulletins are not to be taken too seriously...except for the serious parts, which should be easily discernable from our other zany bulletins.

Oh! Pawpets! News

New Cast Members

New cast members have made their way onto the Oh! Pawpets! show! Get to know them in our Cast page:

  • Angus the Angry Cow
  • Sorocco the Sea Monster
  • Myrtle Turtle
  • Mange Fox
  • Wolfgang Sebastian Bark

    Fat Momma LIVE on Oh! Pawpets!

    Date to be determined...

    Our first celebrity phone-in interview will be taking place, as we go into the first season of "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" and track down one of the two winners of the series. Fat Momma will be here to save our airwaves from the same ol' zany antics to answer questions asked by the cast and you viewers out there! So, if you would like to participate and ask your own questions for Fat Momma, please write them out in a .txt document and send them in an attachment to sonicblu -at- yahoo -dot- com and your questions will be received and compiled in a list. We can also take questions asked live on our show during the interview as well, but any live questions will be reserved after the pre-mailed questions are asked. Find out what it's like to be a true superhero from the voice and the heart of the one who had enough strength and courage to stand up and face that challenge on her own and succeed!

    Send Us Your Content!

    We at the Oh! Pawpets! Show love to show off your videos. If you have a video you've made yourself, send it to us! We'd love to air it. If you have a puppetry video or a video which you wish to show off a talent of yours, even something as simple as a quick vlog to the show will all be good enough to air on the Oh! Pawpets! Show. Please make sure not to use profanity or themes of a graphic, explicit, or offensive nature---no drug references or slurs against race, creed, religion, or content which promotes the public bashing or slander against anyone else. Any videos containing vulgarity or graphic content may not be considered for broadcasting. The Oh! Pawpets! Show reserves the right to refuse the airing of any videos for any reason, though thankfully we have not yet experienced such an exception.

    To submit your videos and images to the show, please refer to the following means:

    Skype: SonicBlu

    E-mail: ohpawpets at gmail dot com

    Pam's Market Popcorn

    Upon one of our travels to the city, we had a brief film expose on Pam's Market Popcorn, which is currently located at the historic North Market on N. High St. Pam is an astoundingly outgoing lady who loves her work, she really loved what we do on the Oh! Pawpets! show, and her labor of love really shows in her bubbly personality. The proof is in the consumation of the popcorn she makes, which is one of the reasons why her gourmet popcorns are far better than anyone else's. Her web site has very interesting facts about how the popcorn is made, the shelf life, and the keep time before the popcorn goes stale, and she also has a method of accepting orders placed outside the Columbus, OH area via a toll-free number located on her Menu page.

    Recently, we've learned of the business beginning to go under due to the inability for the shop to uphold their lease, and will be needing to change location. We have offered their link here on our web page in exchange for Pam's willingness to allow us to film at her shop. Whether you're curious yourself and click on the link that takes you to the page, or you are very interested in perhaps sampling her popcorns, we encourage everyone to take a good look at the wonderful array of popcorn being offered at the web site, and if they interest you at all, please feel free to place a few orders. All of us here at the Oh! Pawpets! show can't get enough of her gourmet popcorns, and they are very reasonably priced. See for yourself via her Menu page to see just what types of popcorn Pam specializes in, and perhaps order up a few bags for your own. Your online orders may help save this shop from going under, and we wouldn't want to see that happen after just turning ourselves onto Pam's gourmet popcorn. Thanks in advance for your patronage. I'm sure Pam would love ya for it, and so would we.

    Spicey Rooster BBQ Company

    The Oh! Pawpets! Show is proud to showcase one of the finest sauce makers in Columbus, and they also take orders online! If you have access to the internet, which I assume is everyone (after all, you're already here, aren't you?) then you, too, can cruise over to the Spicey Rooster BBQ Company web site and find out how to order your own supply of spicy and not-so-spicy sauces to really tickle your taste buds! Every product is made in-house by the company's founder, Randy Combs. The Spicey Rooster BBQ Company has a sauce for every taste. For not-so-spicy, we recommend the Raspberry Steak Sauce, which gives your meats a wonderful, sweet flavor. The Bourbon BBQ Sauce has a little bit of spice to it, but it is a soothing type of spice, letting you know that the spice is in there, but it's not overwhelming. The BBQ Rub seasoning also adds a wonderful touch to all of your barbecue foods. Getting a little bit spicier with the The bold taste of the Buffalo Wing Sauce, which gives a tangy, rich flavor to an old time favorite. Use it on wings, sandwiches, wraps, salads, you name it! For the spicy enthusiast, try the Ghost of N'awlins, which has a touch of ghost pepper that is safer to eat than you know. Using home-grown ghost pepper and a blend of spices, a bold flavor is created, giving you a taste of the ol' bayou. Finally, the Hysteria Sauce, which is like an explosion of spice and taste. Again, this sauce is spicy, but not uncomfortably spicy. Now that you're more familiar with what the Spicey Rooster BBQ Company has to offer, head on over to the Spicey Rooster web site and see how to place an order for your own supply. To help with the tally of new customers, please be sure to mention that you saw it on Oh! Pawpets! when you place your order.

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